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Today woulda-been our shoulda-been first baby’s 2nd birthday.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

I’m ovulating again, so coulda-been doing a second cycle of IUI with Koha if he hadn’t ditched us.

My cousin and her 3 kids under 3 are staying and Horopito our (2 years old next Sunday) niece is visiting.

I’ve emailed MaWhero all the info about his s*perm analysis and asked if he’s okay to wait a further 6 weeks before doing another sample – and also asked how the counselling session went and does he want to continue. No answer yet. Hmmmmm.

Yet for all that, apart from a few tears and being a bit snappy with lover-girl, today has been bearable.

Probably has something to do with this:


Home-made vanilla custard squares, a kiwi classic and I guess a simple version of the French pastry – Mille Feuille. (Accompanied by Earl Grey tea of course.) My first attempt, next time I’ll use vanilla bean paste and I’ll toast the coconut on top. Yum.