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I’m sorry I haven’t updated in so long. After the last post we waited a few more days then Toku finally texted MaWhero to ask if he’d seen the email I’d sent approximately six days earlier…ahhh no, even though I’d told him I’d be emailing (as that what he’d requested), the numb-skull hadn’t checked his email – and it had gone to his spam folder. So gah, he then went and had a read and both emailed me back and texted Toku saying “Hey, yeah no problem. Am happy to continue. Will do anything to make you guys happy. Let me know what’s the next step.” 

Oh my goodness – what a freaking relief. After about 6 days of waiting for a reply to my email, (which was asking if he still wanted to continue after the counselling session and if so, would he be willing to see our naturopath), to get no response what-so-ever, then this – well it was awesome news.. 

Both Toku and I let out massive sighs of relief and acknowledged yet again that these men we choose are just terrible communicators. Terrible.

We saw him in person the following week and hung out for a couple of hours, after other friends left we had some more chats and he said not to freak out if he doesn’t respond straight away, and that he’s said he will go through with it, so will. (I’m still struggling with fully trusting that, but am doing my best!)

We discussed the counselling and he said he’d told the counsellor that she could tell us anything they discussed – so he’s pretty much an open book – just doesn’t think to tell us.

I asked if he is definitely planning to stay in New Zealand, (as he’s not a permanent resident), and said if he didn’t that we’d endeavour to bring the child to see him wherever he was. His response was along the lines of- “I’m staying right here. I wouldn’t have even considered having a picaninny with you guys if I wasn’t going to be living here.” So that’s good. 

It’s funny, I’d always been so strongly convinced that I wanted a known donor who was in the child’s life, but that we would be its full parents with no influence from the father. Whereas with him, I feel like it will be more of a shared child, and I’m open to that. Well right now I am, we’ll see how that progresses lol.

He’s been to see our naturopath who has prescribed him a whole lot of supplements and antioxidants and vitamins and sent him some dietary advice. She also said that as he spends a lot of time exercising, he may be overheating and that could be one of the things negatively affecting his s*perm count. She said he’d really taken it on board and that – “He does seem very committed to doing this for you.”

Fingers crossed that the results in a few weeks time are way improved and we can move forward another step.