Argh still waiting to hear from the clinic if the donor has said yes to a second couple using his goods.

They contacted him last Monday, so it’s been over a week now, I’ve written to the clinic donor coordinator who said that a week is quite normal for him to be out of internet contact. She said she had just emailed him again (Mon morning), and would try again today (Tues) if she’d had no reply. It’s now nearly close of business Tuesday and I’m wondering, wondering, wondering…

I just wrote to the poor woman again (fortunately she said not to worry about annoying her with emails – she’s quite used to it lol). I’ve asked her if the clinic will start monitoring my cycle before we have signed consent – as I expect that my Day 1 will probably be this weekend or early next week. Funnily enough after so many years of knowing exactly where I am in my cycle, I only have a vague idea of when I ovulated as I have not been charting or even noticing really.

My hope is that the donor comes back to the clinic tomorrow with a big YES, we go into the city and have a look at his profile on Thursday or Friday (as Toku has those days off), then we sign consent and away we go. If he doesn’t get back to the clinic before then, I reckon they should start ‘monitoring’ me as they just note down Day 1 then order blood tests starting on Day 9, so I should still have 9 days up my sleeve before the clinic actually does anything.

Toku and I think that even though this is a big change for us to be considering using an anonymous donor, it MUST be the right option. We have decided that unless something feels glaringly wrong when we see his profile, we will go ahead with IUI as soon as possible. 

I fell asleep last night wondering what on earth he does that means he is regularly, completely out of internet contact for up to a week or more at a time. Hmmmmmm. Deep sea fisherman, Conservation worker on some remote offshore island, Scientist in Antartica…? Anyone have any guesses??

Is this our donor?   (Photo credit - Ross Land)

Is this our donor?
(Photo credit – Ross Land)

 Update – I should have waited to write this post – the clinic coordinator just replied to my email saying that she had just heard back from the donor. He’s told her that due to his recent heavy workload he hasn’t had a chance to consider the consent, so would like a little more time. She’s said that since my Day 1 is so close we’ll be looking at next cycle rather than this one if he consents. This is because we need to have his consent, then view his profile then sign our own consents – all before I start Day 1. This is fine, but still – oh I wish we could get some certainty and then just leap in ASAP!