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Unexpectedly I woke to Day 1 this morning! I guess the excitement brought it on as I’m usually very regular with a 28 day cycle, and this one was just 26 days. But yay! The first time in a very long time that I was happy to see my period – maybe ever lol.

So I’ve rung the clinic and reported it, I’m booked for bloods from day 10 with an expected IUI date of the 25th August. I’m doing an un-medicated cycle so just get the daily blood tests from day 10-14 and scans of my follicles once we get closer to ovulation. The only drugs would be if my lining looks too thin/

The only bummer with the early period is that my acupuncturist (who I have been working with intensely since my first miscarriage), is out of the country when I’m due to ovulate. So I will need to find someone else to do my pre and post IUI acupuncture sessions. I thought my day 14 would be on the Thursday – the day she arrives back to work after a week away. But not to worry, I’ll find someone to do it.

My naturopath has prescribed me a big dose of selenium till I get pregnant – it’s supposed to help with the anti-thyroid antibodies issue I have. She’s getting my TSH etc checked, but said not to get results for the antibodies as it will just stress me unnecessarily. Which I think is good advice since not much can be done about them anyway. I’m on a zillion supplements etc as it is and t*hyroxine too for my thyroid – so that’s enough to worry about.

So that’s my update and yeah, it sure is nice to have an actual ‘we are about to TTC’ post!