I’m on day 11 and so after 2 blood tests that were tracking well we went down to the city for our scan today.
Our lovely specialist works at two clinics, one public and our private one. He left his clinic and drove across town to do our scan. I love this guy! He’s an English man, aged about 50, balding, glasses, hilarious. As soon as he walked in he apologized for the treatment consent form which had places for us to sign with ‘female partner’ & ‘male partner’ on them. He’d gone to the trouble to whiteout the word male! So awesome.

So on with the scan. It was my first time in actual stirrups – gosh they are indeed a weird experience. Especially with him sitting on a stool at the end of the bed and asking me to schooch down the bed, a little more, a little more…argh! Happily he soon reported a healthy looking lining (phew as I’d been worried about that given my short periods over the lay couple of years). Then found two 12mm follicles in my right ovary.

It’s pretty exciting as he said that at 12mm on day 11 it’s very likely that they will both keep growing and I’ll release both! So ummm yeah – two chances of a baby or a chance of two babies!

There were other follicles too that he marked in the scan but we didn’t discuss so I assume yet were growing but not big enough for this cycle.

He asked if I was on any drugs as he wasn’t expecting two lol. But nup, au naturale.

I was mildly concerned that he might find more large ones in my left ovary, but there were none to be found there.

So yay, a healthy lining and 2 healthy follicles.

We will say in the city Sat & probably Sun as we live over an hour north of the city and there is only one blood clinic open on weekends- in the south of the city which is about 1 & 3/4 hour drive from us…and it’s only open 8am – 10am Sat & 8am – 9am Sun!

I’m hoping the IUI will end up being on Sunday as otherwise we need to stay overnight again that night which would be a hassle.

Part of the inconvenience is that we don’t have a baby dog sitter. Miss Fidèl usually just stays with my folks (they all her the grand-doggy), but very sadly my Dad’s mum has just been diagnosed with cancer so my parents are staying with her and her husband a lot. So we have been coming home each night from the city rather than staying down there.

This weekend my Dad thought
a break from it all would be nice so he’ll stay home with the grand-doggy on Sat night and maybe Sun if we need him to.

The Gran dying thing is another whole post but I’m trying to just be positive right now. I’m gutted that our baby will be unlikely to meet her, especially when I compare it with my niece who has spent quite a bit of time with her…but wishing for it to have been different doesn’t help anything. Last week when we got her diagnosis we weren’t sure if she’d even make it to this week, so fingers crossed she keeps going well for a while longer.

Right, I’m off to sleep! Keep two fingers or toes crossed for us over the weekend and I’ll update you at some stage once something else happens.