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So I had my CD13 bloods yesterday and they came back with the oestrogen a bit low. My CD10 was in the mid 500’s, CD11 around 630 (from memory). As my follicles were at 12 (& expected to grow about 2mm a day), the doctor said not to test on day 12, as he knows I have a needle phobia.

So yesterday’s oestrogen result was a weird in that it has dropped back into the high 500’s. They believe I haven’t ovulated (which is when it usually drops), as my LH doesn’t seem to have surged.

The nurse said she’d spoken to the lab & the doctor & they say it’s possible it could be just an anomaly. So we are hoping for a higher result today. If it doesn’t get high enough then I guess I won’t ovulate – which would be a terrible waste of two beautiful follicles!

So I’m counting on either a great result today meaning we can inseminate this afternoon, or a rising level meaning we can do it tomorrow.

I’ve done a number of mediations to try and encourage my body to get a wriggle on! But I also had some sage advice from my Gran who we visited yesterday afternoon. This is the 87 year old Gran that is dying of cancer and also the Gran who is infamous for her dirty sense of humour!

When I told her that we were hoping to inseminate this weekend but I was a bit low on a particular hormone so we’d have to wait and see, she beckoned me down closer to her. When my ear was right up to her mouth she whispered…

“Well dear….you know how to make a whore moan…”

I love that woman!