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Perhaps if we eventually have a girl we ought to name her Patience. Because oh my goodness has mine been challenged on this interminable journey!

An awful blood test for this needle phobic this morning followed by 4hrs of waiting for the call from the clinic.

Then the news that the IUI won’t be today, hopefully tomorrow.

The good of it is that the nurse said everything is looking perfect bloods-wise. It’s just that my estrogen has continued to rise and I think it is supposed to stop rising just before your LH surges? My LH has increased from 12 yesterday to 19 today – so it’s increasing, but not an official surge yet apparently.

Sooooo… another night in the city, another unplanned day off work for the wife, another blood test to look forward to at 8am tomorrow and then another wait of 4 or so hours before we hopefully get the call to go in.

If I haven’t surged tomorrow they will trigger me, but she said it’s 36 hours from there before they do the IUI which would make it the middle of the night Wed/Thu, so not sure what will happen then?

If my follicles were 12 on Thu & grow about 2mm a day, then they should be at 20 today, so would be 24-26 on Wed/Thu. Is that possible?

I really don’t want to miss my chance to have two follicles to work with.