So this morning I wrote a long and detailed email to my naturopath, (she’s the fertility guru one), about how I was feeling. Asking her opinion and for any suggestions for relieving these symptoms safely – regardless of what it is.

She emailed back (and rung, bless her) to say that it’s possible that it is my liver finding it hard to deal with an increased amount of hormones in my system!!

So she’s suggested some safe and gentle natural prescriptions to help and is couriering them up to me today.

I just spoke to her on the phone and she said that it could of course be a stomach bug, but doesn’t sound like it, and that she’s had other women have a similar reaction like me to early pregnancy hormones. I said that we had wondered if that would be especially so for twins and she said that yes she was thinking that, but hadn’t liked to say in case she got our hopes up too much.

She’s recommended that I get onto providing my liver with some support ASAP as she said, if it is pregnancy I may be in for a bit of a rocky road (sickness wise).

I don’t know whether to be thrilled or terrified!

She said to let her know te results of my progesterone test tomorrow as a noticeably high result may indicate pregnancy. So that test suddenly sounds a lot more interesting…