Well I’ve made it to 6dpiui and things aren’t altogether fun. Have been feeling so blah for days. Especially tired and also this yucky tight uncomfortable feeling up under my ribs / solar plexus area. It’s been making it difficult to breathe deeply, giving me nausea and an upset stomach since Thursday (2dpiui). I even threw up on Thursday afternoon and upon waking on Friday morning.

I dunno if it has anything to do with ‘anything’ but it sure is making me a bit miserable and grumpy. Poor Toku.

My acupuncturist thinks it’s a spleen thing (well the area is an indicator for that in chinese medicine), and so has said to cut all sugar and to relax the area and breathe deeply. Hmph. 

Apart from that, I’ve been feeling pretty good about it all and not as angst-y as I usually am in the TWW. That said, it hasn’t even been a full week yet, and the second week is always way worse! My progesterone test (to check I ovulated) is tomorrow morning and then I have the pregnancy blood test the following Tuesday the 9th of September. I’ll probably do a HPT on the Sat or Sun as I got positives at 11dpo & 12dpo with my previous pregnancies.

Anyone experienced what I’ve described? I’m not sure whether to ignore it or go to the doctor since it’s been going on for 5 days now.