I received a text this morning around 9am from the clinic saying: “Hi – blood from yesterday very good level. Everything was good timing. Good luck for next test on Tuesday 9th Sept. Cheers Nurses”.

So phew and yay…but of course not enough detail for this lady. I decided to wait for my naturopath to get her copy of results as she’s happy to share. It took all day for to be sent hers but finally she let me know around 4pm that the measure was 56.1 nmol/l.

So for a completely natural cycle it’s looking great!

Of course I raced off to have a brief liaison with that nefarious Dr Google who provided me with some interesting tidbits – for example another woman with a count of 50 with twins.

This result is certainly no evidence of twins, but it is an indication that my progesterone is both high enough to support implantation and also that with quite a high result like that…well there’s a chance that two follicles did indeed release.

3 or 4 days to go before I will probably test. I usually have a 28 day cycle algorithm I ovulated a couple of days later this month. I really want to test in the weekend so Toku and I are together. Otherwise if we wait for the clinic blood test on Tues she will be at work and I’ll be alone in the city waiting anxiously for them to call with results!

Anyone had progesterone counts similar…?

Oh and I spent the day very nauseous again, but only coming and going in waves and eating helps most times.