Well finally after such a very long wait we will be doing a HPT over the next 48 hours!

It’s Friday night here and so I will either test in the morning or Sunday morning. Just depending on how I feel when I wake.

It’s weird, I oscillate between feeling like I must be pregnant as I’m still feeling so sick, (in fact increasingly so each day), and think surely it must be my hormones continuing to plague me. (In a side note the remedies my naturopath prescribed definitely help as I forgot to take them on Wednesday & within a couple of hours got the bad discomfort pains in my upper stomach & extreme nausea back, then it dissipated when I took the liver related one again. This leads me to believe that she’s accurate in her diagnosis that it may be an excess of hormones affecting my liver. So if it’s getting worse the surely my hormones must be increasing?)

Then I think that I don’t have very sore boobs and seem to recall that they were sore in my previous TWW’s.

I’m not temping so have no clues there, haven’t had any implantation spotting (which I did with one of my two pregnancies).

However I’m also mega fatigued (yawning from around 10.30am) and feel like I’m recovering from a nasty flu. Plus yesterday and today I’ve had a couple of episodes when I feel like I have to eat that very second or I’ll puke.

So who knows, but perhaps we will tomorrow or Sunday?!

Send us good fishing vibes please – I really believe it’s about time we got a positive!