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No point beating round the bush is there?

It’s VERY faint – but we have a positive!


(Comment if you agree it looks positive please.)

Blood test tomorrow to confirm but it’s looking good.

Which is a massive relief as after 12 days of extreme nausea I was beginning to doubt my sanity. (Fortunately half of Saturday & most of yesterday was way better – which in turn made me freak out a bit!)

We actually got a ghost line on yesterday’s cheapie test but you can only see it if I have photographed it, applied the ‘noir’ filter (lol) and you squinch your eyes just so. Hehe.


If you are a new reader of my blog thinking “Lucky tart – pregnant on her first IUI!” then go check out the TTC Journey page for a full (depressing) run down of how we got here. In summary – 2 MC’s at 2 days shy of 12wks (probably due to anti-thyroid antibodies), 12 cycles (11 of home insem & 1 IUI), 2 known donors pulled out at last minute, 3 years of trying/waiting, 16 mths of waiting before this latest attempt.

Thanks to all of you for your support & good wishes that I’ve been feeling all along. Fingers crossed this is it baby!