Well so hmmmmm, we only returned from the city about an hour and a half ago and had to eat as I was starving. Sorry for the delay.

Long version follows. Hey I had to live today, it’s only fair that you have to read about it!

We headed off early this morning to do my bloods. I had woken at 2.30am hideously nauseous (got up and took some Nux Vom to help), then woke again at 5.45am miserable with it again. Dozed for an hour then did the last cheapie HPT. The control line came up all blurry so I didn’t hold much hope for a reliable result – and there may have been a smudge of a line or there may not have been. So damn it, my plan for a nice strong line and a less traumatic wait for THE CALL went down the gurgler (kiwi expression?).

I then proceeded to drive to the nearest town simultaneously downing 2L of water without breakfast whilst still feeling nauseous. Not fun. Went in with the wife for my blood test not feeling too worked up about the needles this time, but couldn’t do my running up and down the stairs as I felt too sick (which I need to do to get my blood pumping so they can find my veins). I got my usual expert phlebotomist and she took me straight in. She took a while to find the vein but then did and popped in the needle pretty easily. No blood. She repositioned it. No blood. Eventually she gave up on that vein. Went and got a rubber glove, filled it with hot water and asked me to hold it in my other hand. (She’s found with some needle phobic people that it provides a distracting sensation and can help with blood flow.) So I’m holding it and she put the needle in again, then moves it and it bloody hurts. I squeeze my glove. Hard. It bursts dramatically and squirts water all over me! General hilarity ensues as I sit in a pool of water and wet all over my jeans and shirt. Toku tries to mop it up with paper towels while we both laugh and the woman still tries to get some blood out. All that distraction and yet still nothing doing there. I go to the loo as I’m busting by then. Finally she tries a third time and it works! Yay. I seriously thought we were going to miss the courier deadline and not get our results today.

Then it’s off to Auckland to try and make my 10am acupuncture appointment and we are over 30mins late as I was in the blood test place for about 45 minutes. We just make it in time and I try and relax for the session. Doesn’t work to well but lovely Ngira says my pulses are really good. Yay.

We go for lunch with a workmate friend of Toku’s (who has been through infertility), and even though she knows we are waiting for ‘THE CALL’ I’m anxiously hoping we finish up with her before 12 noon as I’m expecting we’ll get called between 12-1pm and I want us to be alone.

Toku decides to get her brows threaded and I do too – (noting that it’s not as sore as it usually would be if I’m premenstrual…), and I make her promise not to answer the phone if it rings while I’m in the chair.

After driving to a local park and sitting in the car playing word games on our phones to distract ourselves I have the bright idea at 1.30pm to call my natural health clinic (where I have had a copy of my bloods sent too). I figure they’ll be fine with us ringing to ask, whereas the clinic get a bit funny with that stuff. No results yet but she advises us that they usually don’t arrive till after 3pm.

So we drive to the other side of the city to see my gran (the one who is dying). First we go to meet my parents at a cafe at around 2pm. Of course the clinic rings then!

The results….(see you have to have Manawanui too!)

The nurse tells me it’s positive. However I can hear the ‘but’ in her voice.

HCG – 20

Oestrogen – 680

Progesterone – 36.3

TSH – 0.30

The progesterone is weird as it was 56.1 last Tuesday. So they are speaking to the doctor (who was in surgery) and they think he will put me on progesterone. (Which I would need to drive down to Auckland again tomorrow to pick it up but luckily my dad has said he’ll go get it and drive it up North for me!)

The HCG is at the very lowest level to be a positive but she said that as long as it doubles in 48 hours it should be okay. So we test again (oh JOY) on Thursday morning.

My oestrogen is fine.

My TSH has dropped from 1.1 around 20 days ago, so the doctor will consider if he needs to adjust my thyroid medicine.

The nurse did say that as they usually deal with IVF the results seem very low to her, but that she is used to medicalised cycles and ones where they know the exact day of implantation, whereas my implantation could feasibly be a few days behind…

So we wait again.

And we have manawanui (literally meaning ‘big heart’ but also translating to ‘patience’ and ‘calm’).

And we take solace in the fact that as my good friend just said on the phone – at least this is only a TDW (Two Day Wait).

Send us sticky, grow-y, quadruply vibes please.