But not today.

The beta came back at 8 so this pregnancy won’t be progressing. The clinic considers it a ‘chemical pregnancy’, there’s nothing really different to be done next time, just bad luck kinda thing. I’ll see if there’s anything my naturopath suggests but probably just to try again.

I mentioned to the nurse that I think it may have happened a few times before (with maybe 3 of the 7 last lot of tries I had a clearly tri-phasic chart, very sore boobs and fatigue etc then suddenly it would all stop) – but who knows…

So I’ve stopped the progesterone supplements (that my darling Dad did a 3 hour round trip to collect for me), and hope CD1 will be along soon so we can try again.

Bummed but not broken as this is one of the first times ever that we have known that we can get right back on that $2000 horse and have another go. That in itself is huge for us.

Thanks for all your support – it’s been gratefully received.