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I had my second beta today, so used my last clear blue test to hopefully set my mind at rest before I spent the day waiting for ‘the call’.

My last one was on Monday and came up nice and clear approximately 30 secs after starting the timer. Today’s test only took around 15 secs to show up positive and the line down on the + symbol was way darker than the – one, at least as string as the control line. So yay!

Having that good news in my head was useful when I went to do the blood test and my usual phlebotomist, (who deals with all the difficult patients), is overseas. So I had another very experienced woman, but who was suffering performance anxiety as her colleague had really gone on about how difficult my veins were and said I had the needle phobia. Well you probably would not have thought so from the way I talked the poor lady through the two attempts she made. First one missed the vein and bruised badly immediately. So she had to use the other arm. She tried tourniquets in multiple places looking for a decent vein, but to no avail. I went off and ran hot water on my hands and wrists (which usually helps), and she tried again. Eventually decided to do one in the back of my hand / wrist area. Stuck it in, no blood, moved it, no blood. I was just patting her hand and saying ‘I’m okay, just try another vein’, and then it started running. Bloody sore though. Poor her, she was stressing majorly! But we got there in the end. I was impressed with my bravery but am a total rescuer so I think it helped that she was freaking out a bit. it meant I concentrated on calming her down – which undoubtedly helped me! (So post title reason one comes from this episode.)

The beta results came back good this afternoon too. (The wait was definitely way less stressful with that lovely HPT result in my head as I’d woken up in the night going ‘oh no I’m sure my boobs feel less sore than usual’.

Beta results were:

HCG – 1300
Oestrogen – 898
Progesterone – 81.7

I wanted the HCG over 1000 ideally although my naturopath said anything over 800 was viable. 1300 made us very happy.

I was a little worried about the drop in progesterone but the clinic nurse said they want a minimum of 40 at this stage, so they would be closely monitoring since it had dropped (from 120 on Mon), but not to freak out at this stage (my words not hers lol). But I asked if it was worthwhile taking the progesterone pessaries I have here from last cycle. I have 2 boxes and only used 4 pessaries. She said that was fine but had to commit to using them for the next 4.5wks.

I’ve spoken to our naturopath and she said my results are great and the progesterone is acceptable as it can fluctuate up and down, but if I want to take the pessaries for my own piece of mind, then to go ahead.

So I think I will start them tonight. (Hence the post title reason two – did ya’ll get it??)
My thinking is that it’s all very well to say it looks fine, but since my next beta isn’t for a week – well I’d hate to get to next Fri afternoon and them to say that it had dropped dangerously low…especially I ally when I have the pessaries sitting there!

The scan won’t be till week 7 as the clinic prefers to do then as they said that at week 6 they sometimes can’t find a heart beat and that just worries people. So another 2 weeks before we pass that milestone.

I’ve been smiling all day.

IMG_6511.JPG Monday’s test

IMG_6539.JPG Today’s test