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Quick update as I should be asleep… (Mind you I did have that 2.5-3hr ‘nap’ this afternoon !)

Beta today- (happily the same phlebotomist as I had last week struck gold on her first stab!)

HCG – 16,200
Oestrogen – 1096
Progesterone – 123

So yay, all perfectly on track. I’m 5 weeks, 5 days.

It’s wonderful but hard on the nerves – I balled my eyes out after I got off the phone today. Relief and hope and continual scariness.

Not much else to report…tired, desperately hungry a lot, sore boobs – especially at night and immensely at around 4am. So I’m sleeping with a soft cushion against them to help support, stop my arm from crushing & protect for the wife banging if she rolls over.

Off to local school galas tomorrow and Sunday and hope to pick up some cute baby goodies 🙂