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Hi all, not much exciting has been going on until the end of last week – just the regular cycle of eating, sleeping etc. With a LOT of tiredness and increasingly so.

Thursday I had acupuncture in the city and my acupuncturist remarked (upon checking my pulses) on how insanely tired I seemed given it was 11am. I slept through most of my session then slept on a spare bed for an hour while Toku had a session.

It’s been typical for me to sleep till 7am, wake, do my pessaries and then sleep again till 8am. Get up eat, wash, dress, perhaps do a chore like sweep the floor or wash the dishes then be ready for a nap by 10am. I struggle on till around 2 or 3pm then will nap for up to two hours. Get up, cook and eat dinner, garden or go for a walk with Toku and the dog. Then some reding or internet and I’m ready for bed at around 9 or 9.30pm. (Actually I’m ready for bed in my head and body at around 8pm but if I do that I wake up all night!)

After acupuncture we went to the clinic to pick up more pessaries, and they booked us in for our first scan which will be in two days – on Tuesday! That will be at 7w,1d. A few days earlier than we expected. The nurse (our fav) told us that we won’t need any more blood tests either as the HCG will have plateaued now.

I expressed my / our concerns that although we expect this scan to be fine, it’s the weeks after this that are our danger zone. So the nurse offered to book us in for weekly scans. I said that I wasn’t actually keen on scans and she was great – I’d expected her to scoff at my concerns, but instead said that they would just do the minimum required to check. So we’ve agreed one at 7wks, then one at 8.5wks and if all fine, none till 12wks. Our babies have died at 8 weeks according to the only scan we had that showed (at 11w, 5d when I started bleeding) that we had a perfectly formed little 8wk old foetus.

I’m exceedingly nervous about the 8.5wk scan to be honest. Particularly given out latest lot of news…

Friday we did our last weekly beta and it was perfect:

HCG of 52,000
Progesterone at 129
Oestrogen at 1656