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We have another scan tomorrow morning at 8w, 4d.

I’m a mix of excited and terrified. I’ve just been trying to think about it all and just take one day at a time.

I’m still feeling exceedingly tired every afternoon and napping for up to 2hrs on days where I can. Although I feel terrible afterwards so the last few days I’ve put it off and just rested in the afternoon with a book.

Toku and Miss Fidèl and I have been taking an after dinner walk every night for the last week and a half. Not intense (as I’m usually shattered), but up the hill and along the road a bit, usually around 45mins of walking plus some dog chasing thrown in. I love that time of the day with the stunning sunset colours and stars coming out and a full moon rising over the sea last week. We have a lot of native birds so see them returning home to their nests. Plus it’s rural so we take an apple for our neighbors horses (that Fiddy is just getting used to), have friendly herds of young cows who run along beside us (which freaks the hell out of the dog lol), a few sheep, quail and lots of baby rabbits at present. I’m so pleased with how well behaved our girl has grown, she walks off leash for most of it and doesn’t chase anything!

The walk is lovely connecting time with Toku and fun times with Miss Fidèl (who’s now about 18mths old).

The last week has lead to a marked increase in nausea, every few hours if I am not eating. So I basically need to be trying to have some protein every 2-2.5hrs otherwise I start retching. It’s pretty bloody inconvenient and seems a bit insane to be constantly putting food in my mouth as my puku (belly) is really quite bloated and round!

My breasts remain huge for me, and I seem to have days where they appear to swell up in the late afternoon and evenings. They look all shiny like the skin is so stretched that they shine! Weird! Often they seem to expand even more in the night so by about 3-4am they are ginormous, but then back to ‘normal’ pregnancy huge by the morning. Anyone else experience that? I’m wondering if it’s fluctuations in progesterone causing it?

In other news, Toku quit her job a month ago, so completed her last working day yesterday. She’s been really burnt out, so it’s a big relief. She works in IT and is very good, so should have no problem finding work and will consult on her own rather than working for someone else. We are hoping that her annual leave owed will
last us through to the new year, and then she can look for something then.

I’m not even sure if I’ve said before (?) but as well as being on the Board of Trustees for our local primary (elementary) school, I’m also contracting to them doing Communications & Fundraising. I do an average of 20hrs per week. So this has been a big help with finances lately. My 1 year contract finishes in mid March 2015, and I’m due mid June 2015, so am about to start negotiating to see if they want to continue it for another year – but drop down to perhaps 10hrs p/w after baby is born. As a self employed person, I need to have a contract beyond my EDD in order to be eligible for Paid Parental Leave (PPL). So I’m hoping the school will roll it over again. Our PPL laws have just changed so I’ll be eligible to 16wks – if I’m eligible! They match your salary up to $504 p/w. So fingers crossed.

Right, enough burbling from me.

I guess I’ll be on to update you all tomorrow at some point. Please send us your best healthy baby, healthy heartbeat, growing, alive baby vibes for tomorrow. (You can just do that whenever you read this due to the tricky time zone issues – we are basically ahead of the whole rest of the world!)