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The scan went well and we have a healthy heart beat and a viable 8.5wk old according to our lovely specialist 😀

He was an hour late for our appointment but somehow I remained calm whilst waiting – I have no idea how!

When he arrived he was on a crutch, as he’d torn a ligament in his knee, and so I started the consult with a smart arse comment about how nice it was to finally see his crutch since it had always been a little one sided up till then with him only every looking at mine. He thought that was absolutely hilarious! (Luckily haha.)

I couldn’t look at the screen until he’d confirmed that baby was alive. I could see the heart beating but unfortunately the scan wasn’t very clear as they mainly use the machines just for checking follicle size etc, and the odd scan to check for a heart beat but no other close ups are required. So he couldn’t tell us the heart rate, nor was the picture even good enough to see it’s little legs etc.

However just seeing that little heart beat flickering away was so wonderful and we both feel really positive now.

My TSH has dropped from 12 to 6.5 which is great but still outside of the normal range so he’s increased my t*hyroxine a little more, with a retest in a fortnight.

He’s decided not to release us from his care yet as he wants to keep monitoring my thyroid till 12 weeks. I’m happy with that as I’d be a bit worried about just striking out on our own with it fluctuating like it is. He’s recommended I have it checked fortnightly and possibly drop to monthly if it stabilizes, for the duration of my pregnancy.

So that’s us done with scans till 12 weeks now. He left us with a big 3-way hug and said how delighted he is for us. He is such a sweet man – we adore him! The nurse also got all teared up and said she’d struggled and had some losses too and she is so happy for us, and that we’ll make great parents. So we left the clinic feeling very well looked after and cared about.

I’m off to bed soon as I am organising the school’s Pet Day tomorrow.

Yippee! Our baby is alive!!