Update – we totally won!!! The Grand prize for the whole country 😀 Thanks to everyone who voted. xx

Totally not TTC or baby related but I thought I’d mobilize all of my networks… I’m on the board of governors of our local 60 pupil primary school and we are in the running to win $3,000 plus 1,000 muffins to resell as a fundraiser. It closes Monday afternoon NZ time (in about 18hrs) so I’m just doing a last minute drive to try & keep us in the number one spot! We are currently ranked Número Uno…but I expect the larger schools we are up against to call on all their supporters tomorrow. We only have approximately 40 families at our school and not all have the internet! It only takes a minute to vote (no need to register), & our cute little school would really love your help. You do need a Facebook profile to vote but it doesn’t ask for permissions to access your friends lists or anything like that. Visit: The Great Bake Sale and VOTE! (If it doesn’t take you to the correct page we are called Leigh School.) Please comment below if you do. Thanks heaps!