Going on and I keep meaning to post and then I just read all your blogs and don’t!

Everything is great!! We went to our midwife on Tues and heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Magical! We’d not heard the other babies before we lost them, so this was a truly significant milestone for us.

We are off to a local island for a week’s holiday on Sat, so we have our 12 week scan tomorrow. Oh my freaking goodness!! It’s a scary day for me historically as it will be 11w,5d – which is the day that I started bleeding with both miscarriages. But after hearing our wee pepi’s heartbeat this week – well we are looking forward to tomorrow afternoon with a lot of anticipation.

I’m so excited to actually see baby properly as the other scans were so early and using the fertility clinics transvag ultrasound – so not the best of pics. This one should be clear.

We are doing the nuchal screening, but believe we wouldn’t abort no matter the scenario, however the peace of mind if all is well would be amazing. And if it’s not all well? Forewarned is forearmed the wife says and I agree.

I’d love to find out the gender, but 11w,5d will probably be too early. Bets taken though if you wish to add your guess by commenting. I’m kinda feeling boy and call it boy without thinking, but the heartbeat was around 166 (faster for girls?) and I’ve done the baking soda old wives take trick and it didn’t fizz at all either time – so that’s a girl sign too. I’m still I progesterone pessaries though so maybe that has an effect?

I’m still tired and often sleep for up to two hours in the afternoon if I can find the time. I’m still retching if I don’t eat protein approximately every 2hrs – which isn’t fun. Smells set me off retching too. I haven’t thrown up though apart from once – which was a particularly choice episode as I’d taken two very strong, very expensive Omega fish oil capsules around 15mins earlier. So yeah that was totally gross! The retching and needing to shove food in gob is annoying and it drives me mad as I’m often not even feeling hungry. So I try as just have a little yogurt or cheese or chick peas or nuts or canned tuna. Being a (fish eating) vegetarian who is also restricted by stringently adhering to all the must-not-eat-when-pregnant foods is a royal pain in the boring ass!

Now in my final piece of exciting news…our donor FINALLY sent through pictures today!!! Eeeeeek.

Remember we have had no idea what he looks like except his ethnicity and that he has brown eyes, and dark hair. So to finally get pics was exciting and nerve wracking. The clinic counsellor had called us a week ago and said that they donors partner was offering a range of pics from baby to adult and did we want them all. We were thrilled and said YES PLEASE. But then she decided to wait till she travelled (to Australia where he works) to see him to let him pick the pics. I think maybe he vetoed them majorly as we only for two – him as a baby and one at around 3yrs. The baby photo is cute, the 3 year old one is adorable! I’m going to have a think about posting them and maybe will if Toku agrees.

I sent them to my sweet friend in Sydney and she agrees he’s a gorgeous child. (She’s blunt (lol), and an artist with beautiful boys of her own, so I know I will have got an honest opinion from her lol!) I also sent to my Nana who lives out of town and she was thrilled and says he’s beautiful – so that’s two that agree.

We’ll be seeing my mum tomorrow as she’s coming to the scan with us, so I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction to the photos too ๐Ÿ™‚

Right – I must go to sleep – is about 11.30pm and I have a huge day tomorrow then it’s off on holiday on Saturday with my beloved and our dog!

Thank for reading and ladies…place your gender bets (and good-fishing-for-a-healthy-baby-news-tomorrow wishes) below. Xx