It’s been a long long long day, just finished packing for our holiday and it’s nearly 11pm. We have to get up around 4.45am…so I’ll keep this as short as possible!

Baby is well and measuring 11w,5d and Toku said crown rump measurement looked to be 5.6cm? The ultrasound technician was pretty sour and was a little taken aback when I rocked in with Toku and my parents in tow.

Toku asked if she could film it and woman said no 😦 that she needed to be left to do her work and didn’t want to be on video. It was extremely disappointing as the screen was up on the wall on the otherwise of the largish room. So I could only see a blurry image! I asked Toku to look for my glasses but had left the in the car as I never expected the screen to be so distant. Even then when I said that couldn’t see it she didn’t let Toku film the screen or pause so she could of get my glasses. (By the way there was no one else there waiting.)

So it was a real anticlimax to be honest. Obviously I’m thrilled that baby is all fine, but as my parents and Toku ohh’d and ahh’d I could just see a blurry image.

She also wasn’t remotely caring when I asked if she could please tell me as soon as she could see if baby was alive, because I’d had two losses.

Baby turns out to be as obstinate as me and was facing down away from the camera and would not move for love not money! He or she (although I was thinking he) did a few very cute bucking movements with his (?) entire body, not just a kick. And I could see that happily.

So – she did print us 3 pics, of which in one you can tell it’s a baby! The other two are just blobs. She also said she’d pause it at the end and let Toku take a photo, but when she did it was just a blurry blob so I told her not to even bother.

So yeah overall – absolutely stoked that baby is well and had very thing it ought to have as far as we/technician could see, but feeling a bit let down by the experience due to the shitty technician.

Toku has kept beaming all day though, and driving home I had a few moments of ‘wow, this is really happening!’

I look forward to it sinking in further over the next few days.