Here are a few pics from our holiday so far. It’s been lovely – gorgeous weather, our perfectly appointed bach (kiwi term for little holiday cottage) is across a gravel road from a stunning white sand beach with crystal clear water.

We arrived Saturday after a 5am start, a one hour car trip then a 4hr ferry ride to Aotea (Great Barrier). It was the first time that Miss Fidèl had left our small town so she was rather shocked and perplexed by the motorway (freeway) and amount of people etc. She was super good and the only time she freaked out was when a motorbike was following us on the motorway. It had its (two) front lights on, and I guess if you’d never seen one before, did look somewhat like a beast with two glowing eyes chasing us. I put a van between us and she chilled out a little but watched out for it growling as it took a side exit lol.

She’s been brilliant whilst here although we have no fence which is a happy relief!

Toku and I have just been majorly chilling with a few walks on the white squeaky sand beach and dunes, lots of reading and cold drinks, and a refreshing (aka pretty cold) swim yesterday. We may go for a bit of an explore in the car today as it’s overcast.

Hope you enjoy the pics – I can’t put them in a slideshow on my phone so you will have to scroll through.

PS – I’m sure I have the roundest 3mth puku (tummy) ever. My body has done this with each pregnancy – “Just blossomed.” my sweet wife says. It is kind of insane. That said, I’ve been weighing myself since 4 weeks (not sure what I weighed before that), and I haven’t put on any additional weight – but maybe that’s because I’m walking daily too. Plus I’ve been monitoring what I eat and it’s not outside the guidelines of what amounts they tell you to eat daily during pregnancy.


Our bach is just near the two rounded trees on the top of a dune near the end of the beach where you can see the waves.








Check out that preggy puku!


Photo taken on the ferry for a friend who was saying we should not announce the pregnancy but just wait till I was showing and see if people guessed. I was like ‘Ummmmm – I’ve been working hard to hide it for weeks now!’