Whilst on holiday Toku very patiently assisted as I tried to get ‘that shot’ for our baby announcement. She didn’t really get the point but as usual was happy to go along with my wishes – thank goodness for her sweet nature!

“Hold Fidèl while I step here. Damn sand too soft. Nup too hard there. You put your feet there. Noooo don’t step in from there or your marks will be in the background. I’ll have to start over. Now this time you step in first. Oh damn, no not that direction – I wanted the sea in the background. Nooo – I can’t just scrub out that big pile of sand you disturbed. Oh yes, I guess she could with photoshop…Now I just need to outline baby feet. Wait! You know how to make baby footprints with your fist?! Oh you are so clever. …” and so it went on for about 10 photos.

Kiwi’s (and certainly not Lucian’s) don’t usually do the big announcement like Americans do. At most they may pop up an ultrasound photo, or (for those not burnt by MC) a pic of their positive HPT.

But I was excited and inspired by seeing all of your cute ideas. Plus – ye gads I’ve waited long enough for this pleasure and privilege!

So we (EVENTUALLY) ended up getting two images that my friend who has photoshop popped a border and banner on. I probably would’ve got a bit fancier if I had the time and computer package but she’s a busy working mum so I took what I got.

We’ve posted the footprints one on my Facebook page as my cover photo and will use the Jandals one (our word for thongs/flip flops etc – comes from ‘Japanese Sandal’ lol), for printing and posting as well.

As for people’s response – awesome 😀 Lots of very surprised people who are thrilled for us!!