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I can’t believe it took so long but our midwife finally got our combined screening test results back.

This was the ’12’ week scan (at 11w,5d) and the blood test I had completed the week previous as I needed my thyroid function checked so did it at the same time.

She had said, before we went on holiday, that if the results were concerning the lab usually ring within a working week and that she’d call us immediately. So when we had no calls whilst on holiday I was pretty relieved. I kept asking Toku what day it was without telling her why I was so interested in the day – as I didn’t want to jinx things lol.

Then once it got to Thursday this week I txtd her to ask. We said she was still waiting on the bloods results but the scan was ALL NORMAL (I loved how she capitalised it!) Then yesterday on Friday she sent through another congratulatory txt saying the bloods were ALL NORMAL too.

It’s been another massive step for me and I cried quite a lot with relief. Ever since I met Toku and knew we would have children together, I felt that we may have a child with issues of some kind – most specifically Down Syndrome as I believe that as parents we could handle it. I’ve worked with Down Syndrome (DS) adults and teenagers, and my grandmother used to do respite care for families with a DS child, so I’ve had a little amount to do with them. Of course (?) I’ve always wanted a child without disabilities, but Toku and I knew that we would never abort a child that screened as having them – with this pregnancy we’d decided even if it showed the more extreme trisonomy type risks we would still go ahead.

Then when everything else that could go bad doing so at every step of the way – well I just kind of wondered if our blessing of being pregnant might not go perfectly after all.

So to get this news that all is so far – so good…well it’s been rather amazing.

I know there are still chances that something else could go wrong – but things feel like they are finally going right for us.

I’m so looking forward to Christmas and New Year for the first time in many years. (There’s issues with my Gran being terminally ill and what that might mean for Xmas – but that’s another post and off to bed now.)

This little baby and I need some (more) sleep!