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We had our monthly visit to the midwife today at 15 weeks.

The very best bit was seeing the huge smile on Toku’s face when the midwife was examining me and the baby kicked and Toku saw it!

In fact the midwife pointed out about 5 kicks (which we could also hear on the Doppler) and Toku saw every one of them. So amazing.

I’m not feeling it yet and can’t see them as they are located on the underside of my rather convex puku (tummy), the midwife has advised that if I drink some cold water and hold a mirror up, I may see it. (She said not to do it often as baby might not enjoy the cold water much, but just if I’m worried or anything.)

So I lay on my back after eating some coconut milk ice cream tonight, Toku again saw 2 kicks but I lay there with a mirror for about 15 minutes and didn’t see anything lol. Apparently they are just teeny flutters – but I can’t wait to see one!!

We listened to the heartbeat and the midwife (who I must give a nickname), said baby is a real fence sitter as s/he kept its heartbeat strictly between 137-140 which she said is totally unhelpful for predicting gender.

We’re thinking it’s likely that this little pepi will probably keep its legs crossed during our 20 week scan too in order to test my patience even further!

I’ve half written a Christmas post and about my dear Gran dying a few days before, but haven’t edited it yet – couldn’t wait to post this one though!

Has anyone else had their partner see kicks before they even felt it themselves?

Finally – my mum and I spent hours yesterday afternoon going through my 3 large suitcases of baby clothes I have hoarded over the last 10 years of desperately wishing for a baby (which included my two other pregnancies which I’d started shopping for). It’s pretty much all second hand but I’ve collected some beautiful stuff. So we sorted it into Newborn, 0-3 mths, 3-6mths & older. We’ll need to go through it all again once we (hopefully) know the gender & it all needs to be washed. As much as possible is unisex, but I do have some very cute dresses – just in case. We’ve worked out that pepi probably won’t need any newborn clothes apart from a few knitted vests and cardigans lol.

Anyone else become a bit of a closet hoarder when they were struggling to TTC?