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I’ve been slack at blogging but I generally feel that I don’t have heaps to say. Then of course, usual story, once I start writing there’s heaps!
So a 17 weeks (tomorrow), update:

– It’s sooooo hot here, I’m dying. This is our hottest summer in years & I’m glad that not 7+ months pregnant. I spend all day inside trying to find a breeze, with cold wet flannels on me, in a bikini lol. February is usually our driest hottest month so I have that to look forward to yet!

– I’m also simultaneously happy that it’s not winter as I am changing shape so rapidly that I would have absolutely nothing to wear. In this heat I live in the aforementioned bikinis and sarongs or the occasional loose dress if I need to leave the house. They of course ‘fit’ the large puku. I will need a whole new winter wardrobe as I seriously do not have have anything that will fit. I pulled out a gorgeous purple woolen coat that’s always been a bit large and that I’ve been saving for years thinking it will be good when I’m pregnant. However the zip won’t do up already!

– I’m feeling some possible ‘squirmy’ feelings in my puku (stomach) that may be baby moving!

– Toku continues to see pepi move / kick.

– I realised on Friday night that my belly button is starting to change shape. This was strangely exciting lol. It’s normally really inverted with a little wrinkle running up the centre. It now looks like a down turned mouth and the wrinkle has stretched out to two parallel lines. Talk about naval gazing!

– I feel quite uncomfortable – already. Lawdy, I have so many many weeks to go.

– People are saying I’ve really popped out. They are also saying I’m glowing. I believe it’s a combo of sheer happiness and this damn heat!

– My darling wife can’t keep her hands off my belly and is found to be beaming a lot. I love her all the more for it.

– I’ve booked our 20wk anatomy scan for the 28th Jan. Really hoping we can find out the gender that day – if baby obliges and uncrossed it’s legs this time!

– Our Maori healer / pregnancy expert friend is coming to visit today. I’m wondering if she’ll have any strong feelings about what gender we may be having.

– My brother and SIL announced their second surprise pregnancy last week. I was feeling pretty jealous (that they have it so easy), and a little annoyed that if it was planned (when I didn’t know that it was accidental), that they didn’t wait a little longer between us – as they rely a lot on my Mum for help with their little girl and I kind of think ‘it’s our turn’. However I felt a little better when I found out that the pregnancy was an accident and not ideal timing for them as my SIL was planning to study this year. Does this make me wicked for feeling better that at least their timing was bad lol?!

– I’ve joined a fb group of NZ women who are all due in June too – it’s nice seeing most of them as around the same size as me – as I was felling like a bit of an elephant.

– My parents have decided that we can rent one of the larger cottages on our property once baby comes as our little ‘shack’ will just be no good in winter. We are totally thrilled but it’s going to be quite a big mission as it is currently a holiday rental, so has no cupboards, storage etc. There is a large garage next door, so the plan is to turn that into extra living space, cover in a deck between the two & add more kitchen pantries etc. Dad plans to do the renovations with our help but they want to rent it till after the April school holidays! So this is all planned for May. Baby is due the 23rd June! So yeah – that will be tight. Very excited that the baby will have it’s own room though as that wasn’t possible in our shack. I’ll try and take some pics of the cottage when the current visitors move out today.

To finish – a couple of pics I got Toku to snap 2 nights ago to send to a friend. In walking clothes so excuse the glamour-shots!