My friend is adamant it seriously looks like I’m baking bread lol – so here’s a couple of photos for your verdict…



Taken yesterday at 22w,4d. I’m starting to get the line – which makes me happy, another milestone I guess.

Feeling lots more kicks throughout the day (and nights eeek).

In sad news, my SIL went for her 12 week scan on Monday and their baby had died at 8 weeks. So it’s been a hard week for the whanau (extended family). They are, understandably shocked and upset. It’s been a weird one for us as I’m really glad that we are far enough along to not be worrying about MC, but so sad for them. It hasn’t me triggered me much, just a few wet eyes when talking to my mum about advice to give them etc about the practical things to expect etc. SIL decided to have the drugs that bring on the MC but they didn’t work so is booked in for a D&C this morning. I dropped off a big tub of fancy mocha icecream on Tues morning and an ice pack & told my bro there was a package in the letter box and to go grab it immediately. That was well received. I hadn’t seen him but the bro had been over to drop off & pick up my niece, but my SIL had been hiding at home all week with the message that she didn’t want to see anyone or talk about it. But having been there, we decided to bowl over yesterday morning with baking and hang out for a little bit. SIL said she really appreciated it as the thought of coming here to the whole whanau was daunting. Lord I know what it’s like – to see people and receive their sympathy is so hard, especially when it’s all fresh and raw and not even physically over with yet.

We are feeling on some levels that it will finally help them to understand a little of what we have been through. It feels mean to think this but is true. I would never have wished it on them, but now it’s happened I can already see that they are shocked at how painful and grueling it is.

Finally – to inject some lightness into the post that got rather heavy – last night our lovely German friends cooked us a meal for ‘Fasching’ German Carnival and insisted we got dressed up. So here are a few photos from the night for your entertainment. I did consider going as a baker (with the bun in oven), but instead wore the fox mask I made for Halloween and somehow managed to squeeze into the under dress of my wedding dress – pushing those inserts to their maximum. My wedding dress didn’t have strips of net curtains tied around the middle though lol. I pillaged the dress up box to create my and my mums costume, made her head wrap and head band and suggested the pants for my father – although he put his own twisted twist on his outfit and insisted on being called Titty Titty LaHah. The wife wanted a low key option so I found this amazing rubber vintage mask that my gran had, and then when I realised it was Rasta colours created a Master Lizard Rasta outfit for her. The Germans were suitably impressed!!!


Master Lizard Rasta & Fecund Fox


Model Witch & Persistent Pirate


Nana the Pink & Titty Titty LaHah


Pink Poppet


Fidèl the Elegant