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I’ve been thinking about our boys room and have started to formulate some plans. This will be a good project when my darling goes home to the Caribbean for an unbearable 5 weeks!
(She leaves on the 8 March and I’m a bit worried about how much I will miss her!)

So here is the room at present…

IMG_6794 Here are the gorgeous pictures that my dear friend made me to sell to help pay for fertility treatment – love you my friend! These few were left over and she has generously agreed that I can use them for Tamahou’s room. (That’s my blog nickname for him – means baby boy – literally ‘new boy’ but also means little potato hehe.)


I’ll frame these in white box frames and probably put up on the wall in this kind of pattern.

Will paint the tall boy and a dresser we have in grey, and recover a rocking armchair in grey. I’ll leave the walls white. We will need new floor to ceiling curtains – but I’ll probably need to use whatever I can find that is cheap!

Then I’ll make a rainbow coloured braided rag rug, a rainbow cushion and perhaps a wall hanging / mobile thing with driftwood and white feathers dipped in rainbow coloured paint.

We have sooooo many books and lots of lovely wooden toys I’ve been collecting since I was about 18! So we’ll put some white shelves in for all of that.

I’ll try and find a changing mat thingee to go on the dresser and we should be pretty much set.

Once I start on it all – which won’t be till about late April / early May, I’ll post some pics. Can’t wait to get started!

If you see any cute ideas that are DIY and might fit my ideas feel free to comment with a link!

23 weeks today – one more week to VIABILITY!!!!