Well I just thought I’d pop on to post some pics again as an update – and realised I never pushed post on this last lot! So here it is – about 3 weeks late! The wife is now back from her trip (she arrived back a week ago) and we are moving into the cottage – whilst it’s being renovated…so that’s fun lol.

Belated post….

I’ve been flat out busy with preparation for the local school’s annual Easter fundraising Carnival…unpaid this year as my contract has ended. So I’m a bit too exhausted to post. 

So I decided to post photos to show what I’ve been up to in the last couple of weeks…basically nesting without the nest yet. It makes me feel better while Toku is away – and my mum is a great enabler lol. I’ve got a stack of photos as I keep the wife up to date with lots of daily pics.

Buying cloth nappies to complete my newborn to 4mths-ish stash

Taking bump photos for my wife to keep her updated whilst she’s away.

And bump photos whilst working hard on the Carnival (hence laptop).

Evening walks with my mum & Miss Fidèl (plus my niece & her dog last night)

Reading in bed with hot cross buns.

Buying a fabulous second hand Mountain Buggy push chair with bassinette (that my dad thought was a total waste of $180 until he saw it!)

(Dad insisted on this cute ‘proud grandparents with Ewok’ photo to send to Toku lol)

Finding cute knitting inspiration online for my mum – anyone seen an online pattern similar to these?

She’s making this for us for his cot (crib). It’s going to be adorable. 

So to practice I suggested she make a bassinette sized one in bumble bee colours! (Will have a wide black border & is rather bunched up on her needles at present.)

So that’s it I think – my fortnight in photos. Oh and we’ve been washing & sorting lots of teeny NB outfits – swoon.