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Our baby boy will be here next month! Unbelievable as that is. To be precise (as one can be with these miracle type events), he’s due on the 23rd June, so if he’s 2 weeks late then he wouldn’t be here till July. However given the current size of the ‘wee’ blighter, I’m really hoping he won’t be late!

Here I am earlier this week at 32w, 3d. Yes I’m round. I’ve been told it looks like I have a medicine ball attached to my front. It certainly feels that way!

Met with an OB for the first time last week. He’s said (although he doesn’t agree with home birth), I can choose to birth at home – but that my TSH level needs to be at 0.5. It’s only been near that once in my pregnancy and not any other time I’ve measured my TSH in the last couple of years. 

Has anyone else with thyroid issues been given this guideline – needing TSH to be at 0.5 minimum for a safe birth. 

We would like to home birth if it feels safe, but my concern is that my second choice – to birth at the local birthing unit – will also be out possibly? A hospital birth is a 1.25hr drive (if there is no traffic), to a public hospital with a less than stellar reputation, a very high rate of interventions & often has outbreaks of superbugs. So not my ideal place to have to go! I’ve been to see my general practitioner doctor and he’s upped my levo*thyroxine and is supposed to come back to me next week with further info about the TSH guidelines for a ‘safe’ labour.

On another note, we’ve started our hypnobirthing course. The first session was pretty basic given that I’ve read the book twice and experienced hypnotherapy before. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session though.

Renovations of our house are underway. We’ve moved in – hallelujah for 2 (!) ensuite bathrooms! It’s fairly chaotic with our bedroom basically set up and that’s all. Boyboy’s room has lots of his ‘gear’ in there, but not yet sorted out – the wardrobe is freshly painted but needs more airing before I put his clothes in, we trialled the second hand cot (crib) today and it has all its parts and works (yay). So that will be dismantled again, sanded, oiled and put back up. I need to get a chair recovered, find someone to paint 2 book cases for me, and I want to make a rag rug. I’ve purchased all the frames to complete his lovely rainbow animals wall art, but haven’t put them in yet as I don’t want to damage them before they go up on the wall. Last weekend we visited a local store and purchased all the storage things we needed and hampers, nappy (diaper) buckets etc. Plus some very cute ceramic nightlights. So at least I can see progress happening.

Our lounge is full of boxes and the kitchen is half renovated. Nothing can be unpacked, stored or sorted till Dad finishes filling in an outdoor porch – adding a roof and weather proofing, then knocking out two walls to make a new huge room. After that we can move more piles of stuff into our lounge and then line the other lounge and build floor to ceiling cupboards at one end. Then move everything back into the ‘outside’ lounge, ding extending the kitchen and build a laundry. This is all just my handyman Dad doing the work – no professionals, so everything takes time. Plus we are using mainly second hand and re u led materials, so often adjustments need to be made on the spot and the plans changed to accommodate what we have to hand…

Did mention that we have approximately 7 weeks before baby arrives? Argh!!

Fortunately we have the essentials and can have baby here with building still happening, but it’s less than ideal and I’d dearly love to not have nails on the floor, a hammering/ power tool using Dad outside and sawdust everywhere if we do get to have our lovely home/hypno/water birth lol!!

A few pics:

Sunrise from bed this morning

My ‘tea in bed’ view

Breakfast on the deck

Starting the kitchen renovations

‘Before’ photo of what will be the entranceway between two living spaces

Removing the decking

Dad teaching Toku how to use his power tools

Adding in the new roof supports