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So who had labours of a similar length of time as their mother? Is it common to have a similar birth? 

My mum suggested today that we ask the midwife what we should have on hand in case of an emergency. She said she’d been thinking about it in the night and since we live rurally, and since I might potentially have a quick birth, she wants to be prepared.

I was thinking she just meant in terms of the theory that hypnobirthing births can be a bit quicker. But she said she was also thinking back to her own labours.

I knew I was born fast but thought my older brother took a little longer. I was 1hr & 15mins, he was 2hrs, 15mins. 

So when she said that again today I asked her – “That’s active labour right?” She said no – that was from her first contraction! 

My mum is teeny & he was over 9.5lb (close to 10lb I think). So if the hypnobirthing also contributes to a short labour….. 

Apparently my Nana had my mum in less than 3 hours and her younger brother in under 2 as well. 

Better get sewing up a home birth mat and making sure we have some sterilized sharp scissors handy just in case!