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Last Friday afternoon we did a quick trip to the city as my friend had offered Toku and I a pregnancy photoshoot. 

I nearly pulled out as the weather wasn’t great, we couldn’t stay at our other friend’s house so we had to book a hotel (and are supposed to be spending all our money on house renovations), I was super tired and sore etc. 

However we are very glad we went as it was amazing and we enjoyed it so much. 

She is a wonderful photographer and a former journalist, so she posed questions to us about our boy and relationship, or got us to whisper things to each other, to get the emotions she wanted to capture on our faces and in our body language. 

I think the photos are amazing and record our adoration for each other, a special time in our lives and the culmination (almost) of a long held dream that I was scarcely able to hold onto at times, given our journey. 

Having ataahua (beautiful) photos that reflect us at this time are irreplaceable  and seem almost more special to me than our wedding photos.  

We spent the rest of the evening so smooched up as she got us thinking about how special this time is and how we feel about each other. (7 years on the 17th June.) The fancy hotel that Toku did a mystery bid for helped too!

Below are just a few of our favourite shots, she hasn’t processed all of the shots yet so I’ll save the rest for another post once we get them.

The location was just a few minutes from her home and is her beloved Ihumatao whenua.  It’s a sacred traditional Maori site that I worked with her tribe to try and stop the government allowing the farmers that own it to develop it.  We were unsuccessful and she is now campaigning to try and stop an intensive housing development going up adjacent to it – that will ruin the rural nature and views of the water, and will be located between her tribal village and the sacred part of the site. Grrrrr.

PS – If you feel like helping a sister out and adding some numbers to her campaign then go check it out & hopefully ‘like’ her page: https://www.facebook.com/SOUL.noSHA