Well I gave us all a bit of worry on Friday…

I woke just before 12 midnight with the feeling like I was leaking a little and then a little more so I got up but upon getting to the loo I realised it was light bleeding.

I woke Toku and was a little excited as I thought perhaps it was the beginning of labour. 

However I got up off the loo after it had continued for about 5mins, to get a pad so I could monitor it, and sat again to have a large clot of blood fall into the loo. 

I’m talking pretty large about a desert spoon – table spoon size and over 5mm thick, solid dark red / bright red. Scary looking at midnight. 

I examined it for mucus thinking maybe it was my ‘bloody show’ or mucus plug but it looked nothing like all the images I could find online. It looked like a very heavy blood clot or what bits of my miscarriages looked like. I took a photo & kept it in case I needed to show it to my midwife.

I sat for a while after that and the bleeding seemed to peter out. So I went back to bed. 

I figured if it had stopped bleeding and I had no cramps or pain (and since Boyboy was squirming round as usual), then I’d just call my midwife in the morning. Oh and my phone promptly lost all coverage, so to call her Toku would have had to walk up to my parents house to use the landline.

Sleeping was pretty impossible for a couple of hours, but after multiple trips to the loo to check for more fresh blood (of which there was none), and a fresh wheat pack and a hypno relaxation track and some Bach Flower sleep remedy & lavender on my pillow…I finally fell asleep.

I rang the midwife at 7am who booked me in for an urgent scan. So we got up and I finally packed mine and Boyboy’s hospital bags, had breakfast and left a worried Mum & Dad working double time on our renovations. 

The scan was perfect and they could not find anything at all wrong, uterus is in tact, sitting way up high although still anterior, cord attached fine etc. Cervix looked okay, Boyboy was practicing breathing and his heart rate was all good.

So it was off to meet the midwife, she said the scan was so perfect she wouldn’t even worry about doing a CTG. 

But then I asked if she wanted to see a photo of the clot which I had taken sitting on my hand for scale. As soon as she saw it she became very concerned and said if she’d seen that first before my scan then it would’ve been straight in an ambulance to hospital! 

So it was off to hospital for us. Partly because it was a holiday weekend and with the terrible traffic and our distance from the city – an emergency bleed would’ve meant a rescue helicopter to hospital. 

So we grabbed some food (takeaway on her orders) and raced off to hospital. She didn’t even want us to make the 15min drive home to get Toku any clothes. (Tip for beginners- pack your partner an overnight bag too if you live far from the hospital or she will steal your soap, deodorant and a pair of your post natal granny knickers!)

Once there they monitored my blood pressure etc and put Boyboy on a CTG then I had a charming (not) male doctor come in and do an exam with a speculum. He was hideously rough but at least pronounced things looked okay with mainly old blood at my cervix and a very small amount of fresh. They did a blood test to check something I’m not 100% sure about, but believe it was to see if the baby’s blood was mixed with mine (which I think would indicate there was something wrong with the placenta), and those results came back normal.

They insisted on putting in a ‘lure’ (?), the big fat needle thing that they can attach an IV drip to. I was not keen (needle phobia) plus also didn’t want to make it easy for them to inject me with anything. But I see how once in hospital it’s very hard to fight for what you don’t want, and how interventions can be foisted upon you.

So I was in for an overnight stay (with no dinner as there was only one vegie option & I’d requested no tomato due to my awful indigestion, but what I had delivered was a plate full of tomato lentils). I ate a piece of cake and drank a hot chocolate Toku got from the food bar downstairs (the cafe had closed by the time my god-awful meal was delivered) & ate a banana and apple we had with us (apologizing to the boy throughout for the lack of nutrition!)

Toku went and stayed at a nearby motel (with her small stash of stolen goodies from my hospital bag).

I had more CTG monitoring that night and the next morning and after a terrible breakfast, (cold toast, margarine & cornflakes anyone?), and some arguing with the OB about when I could be discharged, finally left at around 12 noon. (The OB said I needed to stay in all day as they like to keep you for 12hrs after a bleed, I had to ‘explain’ that 12 hrs had been up at midnight just passed, we got there eventually!)

So it was off to an awesome cafe for a huge brunch, (a very quick spot of bra shopping on the way home as when packing I realised I only had 3 bra’s, one in the wash, one currently being worn and a hand me down giant one!), then home for 12 hours much needed sleep.

I’ve had no bleeding since and will see the midwife on Tuesday. Hoping it won’t take a homebirth off the list of options for us. But also very glad that it all turned out okay and I didn’t need to be induced!

37 weeks tomorrow. The boy was estimated in Friday as around 6lb, 11oz so he’s a good safe size already I guess. 

And for today’s picture, my lovely new breastfeeding bra’s. Purchased from an outlet shop for $20 each, down from $70 & $60 each! (Plus I got a plain black cotton one.) Hard to see in pic but they do unhook completely open.