It’s our estimated due date today and I’m certainly ready. It seems the boy is close but hasn’t yet wholly committed to starting this new part of the journey yet.

For the last week and a half he’s been having practice runs to some extent with lots and lots of consolidated cervix bouncing sessions and tightenings. But each time hasn’t continued to develop. 

The midwife believes I am approximately 5-6cm dilated and that when your baby practices like this then it can lead to a good effective labour once it really starts as things are all prepped.

Our house is finally finished and we spent last week getting more set up, although there is still furniture to move across, kitchen ware, books, clothes etc. But all essentials (including my beloved artworks) are here and basically in place. This has been a big relief to get sorted and my parents have been amazing with me out of action and Toku scrambling to fit in as many working hours as possible before taking 2 weeks off unpaid when the boy arrives. 

My Maori healer friends came up on Friday night and spent the weekend with us and a ‘Romiromi’ massage from her got the ball rolling quite intensely on Fri night. It was the first day of Matariki on Saturday (the Maori new year & when the Matariki star system comes into view again – also known as Pleaides), so we thought he may come that day, but it was not to be. There was a big storm on Sat night & the potential for the power to go out for hours which was a little worrying as no power means no lights, water, heaters etc! So my birthing pool was set up but we wouldn’t have been able to fill it. That would have been a bummer but more than that I was a little concerned about candle light in an emergency situation! 

So here we remain in a state of in between. I’m not hideously uncomfortable for the most part, and am a little tired at points but otherwise doing well. My TSH is excellent at 0.39, my iron got a little low so I went on an iron supplement 3 weeks ago and jumped from Ferritin of 13 to 31, and my haemoglobin remains adequate (pretty good for a nearly exclusively vegetarian – my midwife is stunned!) My darling wife is so supportive and attentive and has been a trooper with doing perenium massage for around 10mins every night (except 2) since 35 weeks. I’m very happy, mostly very relaxed, all my checks show a healthy and possibly large boy who is close to arriving. I’ve been 100% engaged for over a week now…

I’ll leave you with a link to a fabulous article about this time of waiting. Definitely worth reading, especially if you are considering how much time to take off work before your baby comes…