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Hi Mama’s, can you all let me know your vote for a breastfeeding app?

Things we need are:

Track timing of feeds

Easy to see in the dark 

Not too many buttons – easy to stop, pause etc

Able to amend timing post freed and add in previously done ones

Can also record expressed milk feed times and amounts

Easily synced across devices (android & iPhone) 

We’ve want to buy the app & have been trialling FeedBaby & like the features and the ‘user interface’ (techy wife’s terms) – it basically does all we want but we are having trouble synching it across our two phones. 

So we are also gonna look at Baby Connect. 

Do you have any feedback on ones you use and like or dislike? Or other features we should be looking for.

We plan to exclusively breastfeed – so an app is good at present to discuss how it’s going with our midwife.