He’s here! Our beautiful, long awaited son arrived after a long labour last Saturday the 27th of June at 5.43pm.

I will eventually get round to updating on here, and I know many of you whom I’m friends with on Facebook will have seen my update, but I thought I had better jump online while I had 5mins to announce his arrival.

Quickest way is to paste my (edited) Facebook post…

Toku and I are delighted to let you know that ‘Manu Pō’ (Night Bird as he sounds like a nocturnal bird we have here), was welcomed on Saturday afternoon, 27th June. Weighing 8lb, 2oz & 55cm long. Nearly born at home in a beautiful water hypnobirth but he stopped progressing at 8cm & my blood pressure went too high so we had an early morning (hour long) urgent ambulance ride to North Shore hospital & a long, long day before he was born at 5.43pm. He’s super chilled and doing very well. (<His name> means ‘Hope’.) ❤

He’s doing beautifully, is very placid but alert & has a neat (stubborn) little character obvious already. Barely cries, unless we really stuff up feeding lol. Breastfeeding has been hard but is getting pretty good and I have great supply. He gained 50grams more than birth weight by his 6th day check. And we’ve had one thyroid blood test and it’s come back normal, so fingers crossed for the next one. (Hate having to give his blood!)

Oh – and my wife is amazing. 

I can’t believe we have a son!