I know – I’m one of those terrible bloggers who disappeared! It’s been an amazing and wonderful and hard 17mths (tomorrow!) since our beautiful boy landed in our world.

We’ve been dealing with an unusual and intense food allergy FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) since he was 6mths old. So that’s been the hard bit and one of the major reasons I never had the energy to get back online to blog. My world has been full of FPIES Facebook support pages, recipes, cooking single wholefoods from scratch for each meal etc. There’s no testing for what he will be allergic too (as a reaction to the protein in the food once it hits his gut), so all new ingredients are introduced individually in 3+ day food trials. But a bad reaction means he will vomit till he goes into (potentially life threatening) hypovolemic shock. So yeah, that ushered in some post-natal anxiety & a case of PTSD! 

This all happened as I exited the fog of early days of baby and was likely to just get back into blogging. 

Things were tough with the wife and I till we realized I had the PNA & PTSD and once we worked that out, and I got some supplements and had some hypnotherapy, things have become great again.

So great that we decided to try for pepi number 2!

So we did our first ever trigger shot at home last night for a 10am Sunday IUI!!!

We will be using the same donor…who we are now in close contact with (another story for another post).

Our sweet boy is doing really well now, although on a super closely managed and fairly limited diet. He’s a smart wee cookie, very physically active, and super affectionate. Loved to pieces by all and sundry. I’ll post some pics in a password protected post and you will need to email me for that as I assume you’ve all forgotten it! Email is joyous crocodile at the google mail dot com address. Or fb PM if you are one of my friends on there.

Hope you will follow along as we go into our TWW tomorrow 🙂 


Us 3 xxx