Oh dear I think it’s going to be a bit like this … IUI was on Sunday and here I am filling you in on Tuesday morning!

We did the trigger HCG shot on Friday at 10pm for a 10am Sunday IUI…but our boy had a FPIES reaction to it! 

After we did the shot we went to bed, the boy woke to be fed at 2am & 6am & then started reacting around 8am. 

We couldn’t work out why he was wailing and crying & not letting us put him down for a couple of hours so I fed him again at 8.30am and again to sleep at 9.30am . Thought he was getting yet another flu (he’s had 2 recently)! 
But then he had a nasty mucous nappy (diaper) when he woke & then I read the bloody HCG trigger package insert & it says it’s not allowed if lactating. Had a call from the clinic director after I rang the nurses pretty pissy, and he said that one dose won’t effect boy’s hormones (as that was a worry) but I think it has caused a FPIES reaction – but they couldn’t have predicted that. 
He had awful awful nappies 6 times on Sunday and only a couple yesterday (Mon). So we’ve had to put him on complete gut rest for a few days which means no food except for boob and beef bone broth & stewed apple with Slippery Elm in it (to coat the lining of the gut). That means he’s wanting boob all the time and I’m exhausted, plus he’s clingy and wants me to carry him around. Not ideal as I try and conceive!

Then last night both Toku and I had full on nausea & couldn’t eat dinner but the boy (who I need to find the right blog name for!) woke for feeds or pats at 11pm, 1.15am, 3.20am, 3.40am, 4.45am, 5.30am & up for the day at 6.15am. And I’ve got painful gas from not eating! 

So yeah, making me nervous about pregnancy & eating for three! 

As for the IUI, we woke early, prepared the boy and dropped him to my parents for the day, then drove to the city and arrived 30mins early. We were parked outside and the nurse saw us and invited us in as they were ready. 

She’s lovely and was super excited for us. The only bummer was that the donation they had for us was really low count! 75% motility but only 2 million sperm and they thawed 5 vials to get that much! Our boy was conceived with a 25 million vial and the IUI before that (all the same donor) was about 19 million I think.

But everything else was looking good so we thought we may as well continue.

There was also slight hitch as she thought my cervix looked strange so she had to go check my notes. But the actual insemination went perfectly. Then they made a room available for us so I could meditate.

We enjoyed a nice brunch then headed home to pick up our boy and his pile of stinky nappies lol. (We are still exclusively cloth nappying although I considered disposables I the last few days just while this reaction works it’s way out!!)

It’s certainly less stressful in many ways TTC when you have a toddler – no obsessing about symptoms etc. Especially given how sick he’s been – it’s just get on with it and hope you are finding the time to eat enough.

I’ll keep you up to date as I can!