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Well it certainly helps having a full on 17.5mth old in your life when TTC.

I’m 9dpiui (& I just had to think about that!) and I have barely had time to think about my puku (belly) once a day if I’m lucky.

I went and did the progesterone bloods yesterday and they look good – but of course I’m on progesterone pessaries so that will be contributing.

I’m also aware that any potential symptoms I feel can be caused by the supplement. Plus I’m breastfeeding – so my boobs get achy when they are full. I have noticed my nipples being more sensitive – but again…progesterone supplement?

I’m apparently especially irritable hehe & irritating (surely not) but that can also be the supplement. 

With each pregnancy I’ve had an implantation bleed with a few pink spots on day 8. But I forgot to pay any attention when wiping as I was either racing to see what boy was up to, fending off him passing toilet paper etc…

I’m bone tired in the afternoons – but the 17.5mth old recently had an allergic episode where he didn’t eat proper food for 5 days, so he’s catching up on milk at night…

Oh and I’m ravenous – but see above.

So yeah I have no idea and  – it’s making it the best TWW I’ve ever had!