Cast of characters

All our significant people need pseudonyms, so I’ve decided to give all and sundry Maori names. This is followed by who they are, then you have a translation of the word (in italics) so you get a vocab lesson too. Lastly in brackets is how to pronounce it (using English words or sounds to hopefully approximate the pronunciation). PS if you speak Spanish, our vowels are pronounced the same way.

Lead Players:

Toku – my wife. mine (tore-coo)
Pepi – our future baby (or may be used to refer to our lost babies). baby (pear-pee)
Kare – me. (the Maori nickname my wife calls me, should she end up blogging or if I should need to refer to myself in the 3rd person lol). darling (car-dee)

Hohepa – The Maori version of Joseph which I decided was his name before we found it out – it’s kinda going to be an immaculate conception right?


Whakaora – our brilliant naturopath. heal (far-car-oar-rah)
Ngira – my wonderful acupuncturist. needle (nee-rah). ‘Ng’s are pronounced like the soft ng in sing or sung or tongue.
Aroha – my friend who is a traditional Maori fertility expert & healer. love (are-raw-ha)
Hawaii – Aroha’s partner who is a traditional Hawaiian healer. Hawaii (har-why-ee)
Takuta – our open minded General Practitioner GP. doctor (tar-coo-tar) – who has now left the practice so we currently have a new female doctor who can also have this name.

Manaaki – my wife’s brother, our (previous) generous donor. look after / support (mar-nah-key)
Horopito – our adorable baby god-daughter / niece’s nickname. hot pepper (Hoar-roar-pee-tore)
Putiputi – my sister in law. flower (put-ee-put-ee)
Tuakana – my brother. brother (too-ah-car-nah)
Nanny – my mum. grandmother (nanny)
Koro – my dad. grandfather (core-raw)
Anahera – our 5 year old god-daughter. angel (ah-nah-here-ah)

Former players:

MaWhero – our third donor who also pulled out after nearly 3 months. pink (ma-fair-oh)
Koha our second donor who pulled out after 3 months, Toku’s cousin. gift (cor-har)


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  1. Love the pseudonyms.

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