Life in images

Some pictures to provide a glimpse into who we are – daily life, home, garden, our wedding, our people, the nature that surrounds us…oh and just a few of our gorgeous dog (sorry!)

We trust that you will not share or copy these photographs in any way.

Here is a link to our password protected ‘Up Close‘ page of photos. Comment with your email address if you’ve been following for a while and want the password.


7 thoughts on “Life in images”

  1. Beautiful wedding pics! I lived in Northland for 5 years and recently returned to Christchurch. Your pics remind me of that slice of paradise!

  2. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I agree with Katie, you two live in paradise!!! What a wonderful environment in which to share your lives together!

    • Awwww thanks beegirl! You two are so inspiring with all that you have done o make your home productive. We’ve been so lucky to basically fall into an awesome situation as my folks have been gardening here for about 15 years, so the fruit and vegie gardens are wicked! (Is that just a kiwi expression for excellent?) Also, where we live is subtropical so it’s easy (although sometimes wet) to garden all year round, no frost even. Totally interested in your bee keeping as we have some empty hives as are keen to start that next year 🙂

    • PS: if you want the password to see our more personal photos (and eventually some password protected posts), then read the recent post titled ‘Interaction’ to get the details on how to request the password.

  3. OMG, you live in Paradise! How wonderful to wake up and live there every day of your lives. Surely, the beach, the ocean and such beautiful nature bring you serenity. The perfect setting to raise children!

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