Spelling & Te Reo

As I mentioned in an early post, if you are not from New Zealand, you may think I have some crazy inconsistent spelling. So I thought I should note, as many of my viewers seem to be US based, that here in New Zealand (or Aotearoa as we call it), we freely use a mix of US and British spelling.

So if I spell it gynecology one day and gynaecology the next – that’s allowed! As are favor and favour, color or colour, pajamas or pyjamas and fetus or foetus. Just so you know that I can spell correctly and I do care 😉

I’ll likely use the occasional bit of Te Reo (Maori language). I will usually remember to translate, and hope you’ll consider it good for your brains to be learning a new language. If I forget to translate then google is your friend. There’s lots of Te Reo words listed in the Cast of Characters page and help with pronunciation. Sometimes the way I think about things just needs to be expressed in Maori first and foremost. Hope that’s okay with y’all. (See I can speak ah-meri-khan too!)

I’m also sure that along the way I can teach you some great Kiwi (NZ) colloquialisms, and my father and his mother have some brilliant ‘expressions’ of their own which I may utilise every now and then. For example: (said upon a departure)- “Like Mary’s underpants, I’m off.”


2 thoughts on “Spelling & Te Reo”

  1. Possibly, I will use that phrase daily from now on.
    Like Mary’s underpants, I’m off…

    • Hehehe, that’s my dad (and his rather eccentric mother’s) favorite expression. That and saying to every Yvonne he meets “Yvonne your pants, the cops are coming.” I come from classy stock.

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