A beginning. 

We met our boy’s dad and his wife on Saturday. As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve been in contact via email and Skype regularly since September and intermittently and anonymously prior to that. But Saturday was our first kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) meeting.

It was amazing. So truly special. All of the contact we had beforehand meant that our son was familiar with them to some extent and it was all just perfect.

One incredible thing was that Matua (his dad) gave him a woolen jumper (pull over) that he had been hanging onto since he was a teenager! It was basically a school jumper from the year he first left home as a young teen and went to live in a Maori Boy’s Boarding Hostel while doing a trades apprenticeship. The name of his hostel is the same as what we called our son. So when the clinic counselor emailed them to ask if they wanted  to know his name and receive some photos, they were stunned to hear what we had called him – as it had a real personal connection for Matua. 

They stayed from 1pm till almost 7pm and then went off to stay the night with a friend at a beach north of us. To our delight they called in again on the way past the next day and we had another hour long visit. 

The boy is totally enamoured and warmed up to them quickly (probably helped along by the fact that they arrived in a big green truck type vehicle and also came bearing lovely Christmas presents from them and the wife’s parents and sister 🙂 They are also all keen to meet him! 

We have one or two more visits planned while they are here in NZ so look forward to the boy getting really familiar with them. 

It’s going beautifully and as she texted me yesterday – it’s surreal how easily it’s all unfolding. 

What a beautiful Christmas marvel to be enjoying. I’m so happy! (And it’s also helped get past any residual sadness about not being pregnant this cycle. Maybe we needed to meet physically first before it would happen easily again?)